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Living moss in the interior: 25 ideas for use and tips for care

We have long wanted to start plants that will green your home and give fresh air, but you don’t have time to take care of them? There is an exit! Fitosten and moss items do not require care and will give you what you have wanted for so long

Today, eco-style has become one of the most fashionable trends in design. Almost every designer considers it his duty to add to the next work something related to this area. So, because of their obvious merits, the walls and moss items became eco-style leaders. But how and where they can be used - read below.

Production company "Space Plus":

- Despite the fact that now moss is a fashion trend, it is not just got very popular - it is absolutely deserved. With a lot of advantages, such as aesthetic appeal, unpretentious care, practicality, durability and environmental friendliness, in principle, it has no disadvantages. The only prerequisite: it is necessary to isolate such coatings from small children and domestic animals in order to avoid food poisoning, since in no case can it be tried to a tooth.

1. Compositions from moss

You can decorate your house with interesting compositions using natural moss. They will bring freshness and diversity to the interior. The basis for such creations can serve not only various containers, such as vases and pots, but in general anything. Such a composition can be made independently even at home, so everything is in your hands.

Our opinion:

- If you decide to create a composition with your own hands, then our advice will be useful to you. First of all - find the "right" moss. If you take it directly from the forest, then take it along with the land on which it grows, so that it has time to adapt to new home conditions. Take the selected tank, put the moss on the bottom, after making a drainage under the soil mixture. After wetting the ground, lay the moss along with the ground on the prepared soil surface. You can use twigs, leaves, cones, artificial flowers and even seashells to create an exquisite composition. It all depends on your imagination, do not be afraid to create, perhaps it is your bold innovation that will create an unsurpassed work of art.

2. Moss wall panels

Phytowall from natural moss is a unique novelty on the market of design and decor. The moss is very pleasant to the touch and perfectly absorbs sound. The wall can be ordered in any shape and in various sizes. It can be not only ellipses and ornate figures, but also spheres, volume installations and even cubes.

They get such a miracle by impregnating the natural moss with special liquids, which, in fact, preserve it, but this is called stabilization. At the same time, moss not only does not lose its original properties, but also acquires a number of new ones. It no longer spoils and does not rot, and also mold and various bacteria will not multiply in it. Then it is applied on the basis of MDF, which can be flame retardant or moisture resistant.

Production company "Space Plus":

- Our company represents natural moss from Germany on the Russian market, including wall panels, for which no special care is needed. Since moss is natural, it can dry out if the ambient humidity is less than 40-60%. In this case, he, like a person, needs a light shower (just don’t get too carried away to avoid pouring it). Here, in fact, the whole care.

3. Bright phyto pictures

Wonderfully transform the interior of the picture of stabilized moss. Moreover, thanks to the dyeing with natural dyes, which occurs after it is attached to the base, you can get a lot of different colors and shades for your natural canvas. Moss panels can be placed anywhere: in the living room over the sofa, on the kitchen apron and even in the bathroom.

4. Furniture with moss elements

Designers from Verde profilo let's go further. Apparently, the walls and paintings were not enough for them, so with the help of their "green project" Moss design they started decorating furniture with moss. Now you can find coffee tables, bedside tables, lamps, and even padded stools decorated with live plantings. Therefore, you do not miss the opportunity to refresh your interior with truly lively furniture.

Our opinion:

- In Russia, such furniture is quite difficult to find, so you can show a little ingenuity and end up with an equally spectacular result. To do this, you will need a finished module made of moss, as well as a coffee table or a cabinet with a glass tabletop. Put the moss under the glass, filling them with all the space, and voila - the table will be no worse than the projects from Verde Profilo. Or you can simply place the phytomodule on any horizontal surface, for example, near the sofa.

5. Small blotches of moss

Enjoy the naturalness and a part of the life force of the forest in your home now thanks to the elements of decor. So, designers create rugs, multi-colored panels, photo frames, balls and even three-dimensional letters decorated with moss. Even a small addition of such a natural material will create a cozy, fresh atmosphere.

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