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Color design living room: how to find a balance

The living room is a special space in which family meetings and reception of guests take place. It is important to create a harmonious atmosphere in this room, so that everyone was comfortable in it. This can be done with color

Proper color design living room affects the emotional state of a person. So, the cold color scheme contributes to emotional balance and relaxation. Cheerfulness and activity can be achieved with the help of warm colors. Therefore, making out a drawing room, it is necessary to adhere to some rules and recommendations. We will talk about this today.

So that the excess of light in the southern room does not irritate the eyes, make it in cold shades. So you balance the light balance of the room.

If the living room faces north, discard the blue, green, purple flowers and all their shades. The lack of light can be compensated by a warm gamut (orange, yellow and red are welcome).

It is worth using white color in the room located on the north side only if you add warm colors to its interior.

But living rooms, which are located on the east or west side, can be equipped in any color scheme.

Our opinion:

- An important property of color - the visual transformation of space. Warm shades constrict and bring objects closer, and the cold range visually expands the space and moves objects away.

Universal choice

You can choose a palette for the living room on your own. Experts also recommend guided by the rule of three colors. That is, you need to choose one color as the main one, and the other two to use in the design of accessories, furniture, and floor.

You can fill the space with energy thanks to the white color. In addition, it fits easily into different style decisions and is harmoniously combined with both bright colors and pastel palette. Decorative pillows, furniture, textiles and other accessories are excellent assistants in creating a comfortable atmosphere. With their help, you can achieve the effect you want.

The living room in white color always looks fresh, festive and elegant, while visually it seems more light and spacious.

Red and yellow accents add expressiveness to the room and are suitable for young people. A romance in the interior will bring shades of purple, peach and purple.

A tandem of white and blue will create a cool radiant atmosphere. The combination of white and black looks stylish and elegant.

Our opinion

The room can be zoned visually, taking advantage of the color and creating, for example, in one part of the room a relaxing atmosphere, and in the other more active.

Furniture and textiles

Furniture and textiles play an important role in creating a comfortable space. Choose armchairs, sofas and coffee tables so that they not only are comfortable, but also carry an aesthetic load.

Removable covers for upholstered furniture need to acquire practical and non-marking, made of durable materials. Their colors can match the color of the curtains or contrast with the general stylistic decision. For example, a blue sofa in a yellow interior is a bold choice. But put on it a few decorative pillows of a warm shade - and now it is already in harmony with the living room!

It is accessories that enliven the interior. Paintings, clocks, statues, vases, photo frames and pillows are able to refresh and transform space. They bring freshness to the room.

Use them dotted, in the form of accents. For example, in a living room decorated in soothing shades, put a red or yellow vase with flowers on the coffee table. Choose a bright lampshade for a desk lamp. Hang a picture of motley flowers on the wall.

About what else you should know about the color for the living room, we learned from the decorator Yulia Borisova.

Julia Borisova,

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- What functions should be in the living room?

- Tasks at the living room are always very individual. For some, this is a space for receiving guests (and then the living room becomes at the same time a dining room), but for someone it is a place for reading, chatting with home, relaxing and not always watching TV. Therefore, it is important to choose a color scheme so that it is combined with other rooms of the living space.

- Advise the most successful shades for decorating the living room.

- I recommend pastel monochrome shades for common spaces, for example beige or white, but with occasional patches of accents. At the same time it is important that the room was transformable.

- Black and white interior?

- The monochrome pastel interior is like a clean sheet, like a model for an assembly: each one will add what he likes.

- How else can you update the living room?

- It is believed that the interior of the living space should be changed every five years. You can change the covers on the sofa, textiles on the windows, the color of the cushions. Decorate the living room with bright and monochrome posters or paintings in the style of modern art, move floor and table lamps. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments, to update the living space, to strive to make it individual.

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